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When it comes to pigeon racing, you will find 101 different methods to get to the finish line. The truth is there is no ONE perfect way or “system” to develop your loft and ra
From here you can find all you need to know about joining a racing pigeon club or racing pigeon federation in Ireland or the UK. Our "Pigeon Club Directory" will give you contacts for the various clubs and federations in the UK and Ireland

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If you decide to purchase pigeons from my loft you can trust me to guide you to get you on the top of the race sheet The right birds to Win, the Very good Walsh pigeons that Win for us and others, where Heredity is handed down from one generation to the next, like breeds like. Intelligence, compass, homing instinct, navigation skills ... The Pigeon Loft Book: Racing and Breeding Loft Book with Brown Cover by Sunny Days Prints, Sunny Days Prints and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com.
pigeons you must breed for the “perfect” type, the show “standard” that will get you that 1st place ribbon or trophy. If you are to enter your pigeon in an eye sign show you must breed for a pigeon that has what that judge “thinks” is the perfect eye. If you are racing, you breed for performance. Like breeds like, in most cases.

This handy little pocket breeding book has enough space for 30 breeding pairs, with up to 5 rounds of breeding each. It also has space to record results from 10 races, with such data as Station, Distance, Speed, Loft, Birds etc. size:8 in H x 5 in W
In 2017 again we have seen some exceptional performances from Planet Brothers pigeons notably in the ever popular one loft racing scene. The South Africa Million Dollar pigeon Race 2017 we see UK pigeon 'Dundees back' take the prize of 1st Overall Ace pigeon, 1st UK, 1st Country Challenge and 11th open in the final race with 2,434 birds competing.

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If you own (or are in charge of) 10 or more birds which are reared for breeding, the production of meat or the production of eggs, then you must keep a record of birds entering or leaving the premises at which the birds are kept. breeding species Sixty-two species of birds breed in Seychelles. This total includes 14 endemics, 18 seabirds, 11 waterbirds, 10 native (non-endemic) land birds and 9 introduced species.
• Do not record birds that can be identifi ed as juveniles (of the current year). • Please record breeding colonies (e.g. Rooks) and estimate the number of nests. 1 START (note start time) Each box below represents one transect section (1 – 10), divided into distance bands (not drawn to scale). 2 Distance categories: 1. Jeffers Equine provides horse supplies & equine products, including tack, hoof care, fly & insect control, grooming, blankets, wormers, & riding equipment & apparel.